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About FACE

About FACE

About FACE

About Our Schools and Students St. John's Kinder Green Website

FACE grant recipients attend 35 elementary and 9 secondary schools in the Diocese of Oakland in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.


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Average Tuition Costs: Public vs. Catholic Education
The national public per pupil expenditure averages $10,297 per pupil per year.  The average cost for Catholic schools is $6,991 per pupil yearly.

Tuition Assistance GrantsSMDP Garden
FACE provides grants to qualified families who need financial support.
A elementary education FACE grant provides $1,750 worth of assistance.
A secondary education FACE grant provides $3,050 worth of
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Who Received Grants?
For the 2014-15 year 680 students receive FACE grants:
  • 343 students for an elementary education.
  • 337 students for an secondary education.

Our SchoolsODowd Retreat Sun
The Diocese of Oakland has 53 schools in Alameda and Contra
Costa counties with over 17,000 students currently enrolled.  All of our schools provide a faith-based academically rigorous curriculum that focuses on the full development of the human person.

The Class of 2014 included 62 FACE recipients at all of the 9 secondary schools in the Diocese of Oakland.  98% will continue their education at a two or four-year institution.
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Applying For a Grant?

Are you applying for a FACE grant for your child?  Click here to learn how to apply and to see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Catholic Schools?

To learn about the benefits of a Catholic Education and how it leads to a lifetime of learning, success, faith, and service, please click here.

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