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Mission of FACE

Mission of FACE


  • Provide tuition assistance that enables diverse low-income children to attend catholic schools, and
  • Help children and families break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage by supporting access to quality Catholic education in the two-county Diocese of Oakland.


We Believe

  • In the rigors of academic excellence and the faith formation opportunities available through Catholic education that celebrate the community values of hard work, faith, respect and self-worth.
  • In providing tuition support to deserving families, we are helping young learners become tomorrow's leaders who can rise above the challenges of poverty and socio-economic disadvantage.
  • In partnering with generous supporters to sow seeds that have the potential to grow a new generation of active, engaged and contributing community members.
  • We are making a difference - one student at a time.


Who Do We Serve?

FACE provides financial assistance without regard to race, religion or ethnicity, to the most deserving families with annual incomes of roughly $35,000 a year for a family of four or $25,500 for a family of four in urban communities. Grants cover a portion of tuition costs to attend a Catholic School in the Oakland Diocese.




Based on the conviction that the promise of Catholic education should be accessible to all, a group of far sighted founders established Family Aid-Catholic Education in 1978.  Since then FACE has granted millions of dollars to thousands of families in the Diocese of Oakland to give their children a faith based, academically rigorous education that leads to a lifetime of learning, faith, service, and success.

Why Catholic Schools?

To learn about the benefits of a Catholic Education and how it leads to a lifetime of learning, success, faith, and service, please click here.

Support Us

Learn how you can invest in the community leaders of the future and support the mission of FACE.

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