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Adult Confirmation

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Adult Confirmation

Adult Confirmation

Welcome to the Diocese of Oakland Adult Confirmation Application Site.

2016 Adult Confirmation Dates
January 15, 7:30 pm              Spanish
January 16 10 am, 2:30 pm    English

Please be sure to fill out the following, all information must be filled in completely. Please have your confirmandi's turn in their paperwork to you no later then the end of November so you can start filling out the online forms all at once.

  1. Pre-Registration form
    (Include each copy stapled to each confirmandi's baptismal certificate and include in final packet to the Diocese.)
  2. Parish Registration and Check List
    (Print out the confirmation email you receive and include in final packet to the Diocese. Filled out once.)
  3. Online Registration form for each confirmandi
    (All fields must be filled in)


Download Pre-registration form

Please use this form to collect information about each confirmandi. The information collected will be used in the online form which is now active. Please start collecting COPIES of Baptismal Certificates. ALL fields will be required this year.

Parish Confirmation Registration and Check List
(Replaces paper check list this year.)

Please fill out the new online Parish Check List and print out and include the confirmation in the packets to be turned in with the Baptismal Certificates and Pre-Registration Forms.

Online Registration Form

(Please have your confirmandi fill out the Pre-Registration Form above, once all confirmandis have completed the pre-registration forms above you as the coordinator can take that information and fill in the registration forms all at once online.)


2016 Adult Confirmation Dates have been set
(Early registration is suggested. Depending on capactiy some groups may need to be moved to a different time slot. )

There will be three adult confirmations in 2016 presided over by Bishop Michael Barber, S.J. You may choose the time that best fits your Parish location, this time slot is not guaranteed and can and will be changed if need be. You will be notifiied if that is the case we will try to accomedate everyones needs as much as possible. All confirmations for your Parish must take place at the same time.


Location: The Cathedral of Christ the Light - 2121 Harrison Street, Oakland CA

Please arrive 1 hour early to recieve instructions


Dear Adult Confirmation Coordinator,

For each candidate participating in the diocesan celebration of Confirmation for adults in 2016 presided over by Bishop Michael Barber, S.J. on one of the following dates: Friday, January 15th (Spanish 7:30 pm) or Saturday, January 16th (English 10:00 am or 2:30 pm). at the Cathedral of Christ the Light.

  1. An Adult Confirmation registration form for each candidate, completed in full on-line - NO EXCEPTIONS. The form can be filled out in English or Spanish.
  2. A copy of each candidate’s baptismal certificate. Do not mail the original. We will not be returning these items as we keep for our records.
  3. The completed Adult Confirmation parish check-list (one per parish submission, also available online).
  4. Please note the registration system will not allow you to partially register. All information must be filled out COMPLETELY. It is the parish confirmation coordinator's responsibility to turn in the above information for each candidate.  Incomplete online registrations will mean that the individual is not on file and a certificate WILL NOT be able to be printed.



Mail all copies of the baptismal certificates along with the Adult Confirmation parish check-list no later than Friday, December 11th, 2015 to:


Diocese of Oakland
Attn: Valentin Carrillo
2121 Harrison St.
Oakland, CA  94612


The Cathedral of Christ the Light, not the parishes, will notify churches of baptism after the Sacrament of Confirmation has been administered.

  • The Cathedral of Christ the Light will be the church of record.  It is important that all paperwork be complete and legible.  Church of Baptism, First Eucharist, and complete address must be included. Certificates will be mailed to parishes following the rite.
  • Each parish is expected to provide appropriate preparation for the reception of the Sacrament.  Please include a study of the Rite of Confirmation in your preparation using the Introduction to the Rite of Confirmation (#1-19). The prayers and exhortations within the Rite (#20-33) provide excellent catechesis in preparation for receiving the Sacrament.
  • The Rite of Confirmation does not call for a new Confirmation name. If a Confirmation name is to be used, please note it on the form and use that name on the nametag.
  • See registration form for sponsor guidelines or Rite of Confirmation #5 and #6.


Information for the day of Confirmation:

  • Before the liturgy begins, the Adult Confirmation Coordinator, confirmandi, and sponsor are to meet in the Cathedral Conference Center or the Vista room at St. John Vianny one hour before your ceremony to receive instructions.
  • Each candidate must wear a nametag with the candidate’s baptismal (or confirmation) name printed legibly.  Do not include the last name. The parish is responsible for this.
  • Reserved seating will be provided for each confirmand and sponsor. All others, including the parish representatives and/or catechists, are to sit in the general seating area.
  • Please note that there is only one sponsor (padrino/madrina) for confirmation.


Thank you for your cooperation.  If you have questions, you may contact one of the following: Valentin Carrillo at vcarrillo@oakdiocese.org or (510) 267-8370.