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Safe Environment Handbook

Safe Environment Handbook

Safe Environment Handbook

We have provided this handbook in sections for ease of use, as the document, even in a pdf, is rather large.


USCCB Charter

Project Overview

Compliance Due Dates

Adult Screening Policy

Background Screening Policy

Independent Contractors Compliance

Screening Procedures

What is Megan's Law?

Megan's Law Procedures

Registered Sex Offender Protocol

Megan's Law Verification Form - Parish

Megan's Law Verification Form - School

Livescan Request Form - Employee

Livescan Request Form - Volunteer

Adult Training

Training Policy for Adults

Training Cycle Calendar

Training Procedures

Policy of Expectations Guidelines

Policy of Expectations Sign-Off

Sample Letter - On Site

Sample Letter - On Line

STV Course Catalog

STV Online Courses

Qualifications for SEPT Trainer

Trainer Application

Application Questions

Training Masters - English

Training Masters - English Intermediate

Training Masters - Español

Training - Child Curriculum

Curriculum Policy

Curriculum Implementation

Opt-Out Process

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes Using Scripture

Curriculum Resource List

Annotated Resource List

STV Course Catalog

STV Online Courses

Sample Letter for Pastors & Principals

Carta de Muestra para Pastores y Directores

Sample Letter for Parents & Guardians

Carta de Muestra para Padres y Guardianes

Parish and School Verification Forms

Oversight & Reporting

Establishing a Parish/Deanery Committee

Reporting Abuse

Policies Regarding Youth Ministry

(Contains sections listed below)
Diocesan Youth Retreat Center
Code of Ethical Conduct for Minors
Commitment Form
Child Abuse Reporting Form

Caritas Creek Environmental Education