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Curriculum For Children's SE Training

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Curriculum For Children's SE Training

We are pleased to announce that Bishop Barber has approved our new Safe Environment Curriculum for children grades K-8.  This nationally respected Curriculum, CIRCLE OF GRACE was developed by the Archdiocese of Omaha and comes highly recommended by many (Arch)Diocese in the country.  It is used by all but 4 of the Diocese' in California.  This comprehensive program reflects our values, traditions and our committment to children's safety and integrates into every aspect of the training our relationship with our God and how much he loves and protects us.This training is now the only approved SE curriculum for children in our parish faith formation programs and our Diocesan schools. 

 The LIFE TEEN program meets our requirements for HIGH SCHOOL safe environment curriculum.  


In addition the following can be used to supplement your SE training.

Bridging Refugee Youth and Children's services, a division of the USCCB has created a bi-lingual course for undocumented children arriving from other countries without parents or guardians.  The material, in Spanish and English is excellent and can be used for all of our young people as it covers the Safe Environment curriculum for our students.  There is a course for children and a course for teens.