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Welcome to the CYO Home Page!

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Welcome to the CYO Home Page!

"Dear friends, never forget that you are on the field of faith! You are Christ’s athletes! You are called to build a more beautiful Church and a better world."
– Pope Francis to young people, World Youth Day 2013




"The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), through the vehicle of sports, provides youth with an opportunity to practice Christian attitudes and responsibilities and to become friends with other children throughout the diocese. CYO activities should be examples of the meaning of Christian sportsmanship."  (CYO Code of Conduct)

The Oakland Diocese Catholic Youth Organization is a church-sponsored athletic program for elementary and junior high age youth from the parishes of the Catholic Diocese of Oakland. CYO Sports are offered by the Church as a ministry to young people.

CYO sponsors a variety of sports: girls' and boys' basketball, girls' volleyball, girls' and boys' track & field, girls' and boys' cross country, girls' softball, boys' sand volleyball and cheerleading. Teams are offered for children in third through eighth grades.

CYO offers parish-centered or Catholic school-centered teams. CYO teams are not "club" or city teams. For enrollment or eligibility requirements, please contact your local Catholic parish athletic director.

Check out the information about individual CYO sports, tournaments, CYO philosophy and coaches certification programs. Links to individual CYO leagues with web pages are found on their respective sports pages.

Every athletic competitor exercises every kind of self-discipline --- they to win a perishable crown, but we an imperishable one. (I Corinthians 9:15)

CYO Poised to Begin New Seasons
for 2014-2015

CYO is getting ready for the new school year with a variety of sports offered to elementary and junior high girls and boys!  The fall season will feature CYO Cross Country, an increasingly popular sport, and CYO Girls' Softball.
Teams will begin to form in September for CYO Basketball (boys and girls on the eastern half of the diocese) and Girls' CYO Volleyball.
Spring is resererved for CYO Track, Girls' Basketball (west diocese), and Boys' Sand Volleyball.

To enroll, contact your local Catholic parish or local Catholic School or email CYO for more informaiton.



Big Events Conclude the
2013-2014 CYO Seasons!

Ending the 2013-2014 CYO Seasons, CYO athletes participate in the Diocesan Track and Field Championship Meet, Girls' CYO Basketball Playoffs (for the western half of the diocese) and the Boys' CYO Sand Volleyball Tournament.


  • Click here for results of the Diocesan Track and Field Meet
  • Click here for results of CYO Basketball Playoffs.
  • Click here for results of Boys' CYO Sand Volleyball








    The Oakland Diocese was founded in 1962 and celebrates its 50th anniverary with the theme "Gather Good Together in Christ." The Oakland Diocese CYO was founded with the diocese and we celebrate our 50th season!
    Click Here for an article in the Catholic Voice on 50 Years of CYO

    Below is photo from the Catholic Voice of the 1995 Girls' Basketball and Volleyball teams from St. Anthony School, Oakland, with Bishop Emeritus John Cummins. Also, below is a photo of the St. Anthony, Oakland basketball team from 1912!


    "...sport, practiced with passion and ethical sense, in addition to exercising a healthy competitive spirit, becomes a school to learn and deepen human and Christian values."

    – Pope Benedict XVI

    What's New!

    2014 CYO Cross Country Will Begin Season in September!

    Over 700 young runners will be at the starting line for six CYO Cross Country meets, beginning on September 19! Teams will be organized in local Catholic parishes and Catholic Schools.  For more information, Click Here to visit the CYO Cross Country Page.


    Girls' CYO Softball Slated for Another Season!

    The fall Girls' CYO Softball season will begin play in September.  The game features participation for girls with "slow pitch with a continuous batting order.  The league is sponsored by the Southern Alameda County Girls' CYO League For more informaiton, Click Here to visit the CYO Softball Page.


    Marty Mart Scholarship

    The 2014 Marty Mart CYO Scholarship Awarded!

    Lauren Walton, valdictorian at St. Francis Assisi School, Concond and seven-year CYO basketball player has been awarded the Marty Mart Scholarship.
    Cick Here to Visit the Scholarship Page for more information on this outstanding young person!

    Click Here to Read the Article in the Catholic Voice