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CYO Scholarship Awards

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CYO Scholarship Awards

The 2019  "Bill Ford CYO Scholarships" Awarded
to a CYO Cross Country Runner and to a CYO Basketball Player!


Sierra Camacho (center) with (l-r) Lana Rocheford (teacher),
Bill Ford (CYO), Lanz and Petra Camacho (parents) and Joe Petersen (principal)


Sophia Thompson (center) with St. John's CYO ADs (l-r)
Joe Thomas, Emily Babcock, Kristen Elliott and Derek Hull-Jenkins


Two 8th grade girls, one a distance runner and the other a basketball player, both participants in CYO Sports since the 1st grade, have been awarded the 2019 CYO Bill Ford Scholarships.  Both were grateful for being inspired by their CYO coaches. Sophia Thompson, from St. John the Baptist, San Lorenzo, wrote, “My coaches instilled in me what it means to show true sportsmanship, both on and off the court.”  Sierra Camacho, from Assumption, San Leandro, emphasized that as a runner, “I was so lucky to have dedicated coaches … who were great role models for all of us runners. They were very positive and were great motivators.”

Two CYO Bill Ford Scholarships, in honor of the long-time CYO director, are awarded annually each spring with a grant from a local foundation. 

For more information about these outstanding young people, Click Here to Read the Article the The Catholic Voice

What Are the CYO Scholarship Awards?

 The Bill Ford Scholarship Awards will be awarded each spring to two current 8th grade CYO players  to aid in their education.  The scholarships are named after long-time CYO director Bill Ford. The Bill Ford Scholarship Awards are funded by a grant from local foundation.

The Marty Mart Scholarship Award is awarded each January to an eighth grade girls' CYO volleyball player. This scholarship is named in honor of Marty Mart, longtime CYO Associate Director, who passed away in December 2002. Marty was active for many years in the CYO program and, at the time of his passing, was coaching Girls’ CYO Volleyball. In his honor, a scholarship is awarded and is funded by the girls' CYO volleyball program.

The scholarships are not awarded on the basis of skill in sports, but on the candidate’s participation in CYO, in understanding sportsmanship and by exhibiting the Christian values that are goals of CYO. The scholarship is awarded to aid the athlete in continuing education in high school. Both Catholic school and public school students are encouraged to apply.

Applications, requirments and more information will be posted on this webpage when available.


2019 Award Recipients

The 2019 Marty Mart CYO Scholarship Awarded to St. Edward CYO Volleyball Player

Meghan Freitas, an 8th grade student at St Edward Catholic School, Newark, has been awarded the Marty Mart CYO Volleyball Scholarship. The award was presented during the Mass for the recent Jim Negri CYO Volleyball tournament. The award is given in honor of the late Marty Mart, former CYO associate director and volleyball referee/coach.  For more details, read the article in the Catholic Voice

(Pictured above (l to r) with Meghan are (l to r) Sue Mart, Scholarship Committee Members Mark LIma, Grace House, Meghan, Vicki Mart-Larsen with Father John Fernandes)

2018 Award Recipients


Kendal Kibanoff, St. Leander, San Leandro
2018 Bill Ford CYO Scholarship

See the Article in The Catholic Voice

Kendal at St. Leander graduation with Grace House, CYO Office

Zabian Elvira, St. Elizabeth, Oakland
2018 Bill Ford CYO Scholarship

See the Article in The Catholic Voice

Zabian with his family at St. Elizabeth graduation


Daina Rodrigues, St. Cornelius, Ricmond

2018 Marty Mart Girls' CYO Volleyball Scholarship

See the Article in the Catholic Voice

Pictured above from Left to Right:
Front row: Sheccid Rodriguez, Isai Rodriguez, Meztli Rodriguez
Second row: Sue Mart, Vicki Mart Larsen, Daina Rodriguez, Mariana Rodriguez (mother), Father John Fernandes
Back row: Bill Ford, Grace House, Jorge Rodriguez (father)


2017 Award Recipients

Lauryn Davis, Assumption, San Leandro

 Click here for a link to the article in the Catholic Voice for more information

Pictured above, from left to right, are Joesph Petersen, principal; Lauryn Davis; Sue Mart; Rev. Leonard Marrujo, parochial administrator; Lisa Brue, mother; Sidney Davis, father.


Amber Loza, All Saints, Hayward

Read the Story in the Catholic Voice

(Pictured above is Amber with coach Brianna Williams.)

2016 Award Recipients


Zavier Annis, St. Philip Neri, Alameda

(Pictured above is Zavier with St. Philip Neri CYO Athletic Director, Patrick Russi at the award presentation.)

Read the story in the Catholic Voice

Taylor Viera, St. Lawrence O'Toole, Oakland

(Pictured is Taylor with her family, friend and the Marty Mart Scholarship Committee)

See the story in the Catholic Voice

2015 Award Recipients


Jasmine Powell, Assumption, San Leandro

(Pictured are: Freddy and Adonica Powell, Jasmine Powell, Sue Mart,
Joseph Petersen (principal) and Father Vincent Scott (pastor))

Click Here to read the article in the Catholic Voice

Hailey Casarotti, St. John the Baptist, San Lorenzo

(The photo above is Hailey with her family including her parents, James and Patty Casarotti.)

Read the Article in the Catholic Voice


2014 Award Recipients

Lauren Walton, St. Francis of Assisi

Pictured above are Lauren, flanked by her parents, Michelle and Michael Walton, along with her principal, Sister James Marien Dyer, and her pastor, Father Ismael Gutierrez.  Mr. Walton is a long-time CYO coach. The photo was taken following the recent St. Francis School 8th Grade graduation.

Click Here to Read the Article in the Catholic Voice

Baily Diaz, Our Lady of Grace

Pictured above is Bailey and her family.

2013 Award Recipients

Nyla Jamison, St. Leander

No Photo Avaialbe
Click Here to Read the Article in the Catholic Voice

Gabrielle Poma, St. Edward

Gabrielle is shown with her parents, the Mart family and members of the Marty Mart Scholarship Committee

2012 Award Recipients

Severin Magsanay, Our Lady of Guadalupe

Severin is shown at Graduation with his Parents, Barry and Teri

Francesca Caruso, Assumption

Francesca is shown with her parents, the Mart family and members of the Marty Mart Scholarship Committee

2011 Award Recipients

Nevah Evans, St. Lawrence O'Toole


Nevah is shown with Fr. Tito Bonoan.


Carmela Paredes, St. John the Baptist, San Lorenzo

Carmela is pictured with her parents; Ben Greenbaum, Athletic Director at St. John's; Sue Mart; and Bill Ford, CYO Director. The award was presented in St. John the Baptist Church, at the annual school awards in May 2011.


Previous Award Recipients


2003-04 VB       TAYLOR MELTON                          ST. DAVID, RICHMOND

2004                   ALEXIS KRUP                               ST. BONAVENTURE, CONCORD

2004-05 VB       LAURA DLUGOSZ                         ASSUMPTION, SAN LEANDRO

2005                   JORDAN GIBBS                            ST. LEO  THE GREAT, OAKLAND

2005                   BRIANNA GRANADOS                 ST. PATRICK, RODEO


2006                   JOHANA PEÑA                             ST. ANTHONY, OAKLAND

2006-07 VB       JANET BRAZIL                               ST. JOSEPH, FREMONT

2007                   MICHAEL BELICK                         CORPUS CHRISTI, PIEDMONT


2008                   TONI COASTON                             ALL SAINTS, HAYWARD

2008                   THOMAS BARASSIL                      ST. AGNES, CONCORD

2008-09 VB       ALEXIS TARTT                                ST. LAWRENCE O’TOOLE, OAKLAND

2009                   JOHN STEPENAK                         ST. MICHAEL, LIVERMORE

2009-10 VB       ADRIANA AMBEGUIA                    ST. BEDE, HAYWARD

2010                   MEGAN COPPA                             ST. BONAVENTURE, CONCORD

2010-11 VB       NAVAH EVANS                               ST. LAWRENCE O’TOOLE, OAKLAND

2011                   CARMELA PAREDES                    ST. JOHN, SAN LORENZO

2012 VB             FRANCESCA CARUSO                ASSUMPTION, SAN LEANDRO

2012                  SEVERIN MAGSANAY                  OUR LADY OF GUADALUPE, FREMONT

2013 VB            GABRIELLE POMA                       ST. EDWARD, NEWARK

2013                  NYLA JAMISON                            ST. LEANDER, SAN LEANDRO

2014 VB            BAILEY DIAZ                                OUR LADY OF GRACE, CASTRO VALLEY

2014                  LAUREN WALTON                       ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI, CONCORD

2015 VB            HAILEY CASAROTTI                   ST. JOHN, SAN LORENZO

2015                  JASMINE POWELL                     ASSUMPTION, SAN LEANDRO