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Welcome to the CYO Tournaments Page!

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Welcome to the CYO Tournaments Page!



2019 – 2020 SEASONS

CYO Tournaments are a fun way for your team to play other teams from around the diocese, during times set aside for tournament play.  CYO-sanctioned  tournaments are sponsored by our Cathoic parishes, Catholic schools and Catholic high schools.

Tournament information on this page is provided as a service ot our CYO teams and is only accurate as provided to CYO.

CYO Basketball Tournaments

Click Here for Information on
2019-2020 CYO Basketball Tournaments




CYO Girls' Volleyball Tournaments

 Click Here for Information on
2019-2020 Girls' Volleyball Tournaments




CYO Cheerleading Competitions

Will be posted here when available




Click Here for Information on 2018-2019 Basketball Tournaments


Click Here for Information on 2018-2019 Girls' Volleyball Tournaments

Last season's tournament information is provided for information purposes.


(for CYO parishes hosting a CYO Tournament)

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(Tournaments are only posted if they are sponsored by a Catholic parish, Catholic school, or a Catholic high school.)


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Bill Ford, CYO Director
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CYO Tournaments


CYO Tournaments are hosted by parishes or by Catholic high schools in the Oakland Diocese. Teams are invited to CYO tournaments by the host. CYO tournaments are open only to CYO teams.


Please read the following rules before entering your team in a tournament:

  • A team may participate in only 4 tournaments (CYO or non CYO) per season. Of these 4 tournaments, only 2 may be non-CYO sponsored tournaments.
  • Teams may not leave the Bay Area for a tournament without prior permission from the CYO Office.
  • League or Diocesan Playoffs are not considered a tournament.
  • CYO teams may not enter tournaments that are longer than 3 weeks in duration.
  • Teams may not forfeit a league game to participate in a tournament game.
  • The CYO Code of Conduct is in enforced at all tournaments.


CYO tournament information is linked on this page to advertise tournaments around the diocese. The tournament list will be updated when information is received from sponsors. Please do not call CYO for additional tournaments.

Last season's tournaments are also posted for reference purposes.

CYO Parishes hosting a tournament must register their tournament in advance with CYO. Click here for the form to register your tournament.

Tournament information is reported by the host. We are not responsible for accuracy.