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Bishop Barber, Coat of Arms

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Bishop Barber, Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms


Bp. Barber Coat of Arms lo-res


On the viewer's left are the arms of the Diocese of Oakland, easily recognized by the prominent oak tree.

To the right are Bishop Barber's personal arms:  on the top, the seal of the Society of Jesus, the order to which Bishop Barber belongs.  This seal is also found on Pope Francis's coat of arms.

On the bottom right is a fouled anchor, a symbol of the United States Navy, in which Bishop Barber is a commissioned officer.  The anchor is also the symbol of hope in Christian iconography.

Motto "Deus Misericordiarum Pater"

The Latin motto means "God the Father of mercies" -- the first words of the formula of absolution pronounced by priests in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  These are also the words in which God is addressed in the formal Prayer of Consecration of a new bishop.

External ornaments

Above the cross is a type of hat called a galero with two tassels or fiocchi on the brim and six suspended on each side from cords.  A green galero is the traditional symbol of a bishop.  The number of tassels is a symbol of rank.