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Diocesan Coats of Arms

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Diocesan Coats of Arms

Diocese of Oakland Coat of Arms

The Diocese of Oakland Coat of Arms contains several symbols that represent the Catholic presence and tradition in the East Bay.  The diocese is bordered by water on two sides. At the bottom of the arms is a graphic representation for water, symbolizing San Francisco and San Pablo Bays, the Delta and Lake Merritt. The diocese is also studded with many hills and some mountains--Mission Peak and Mt. Diablo being most prominent. Above the water is an image for those hills. The hill is crowned with a representation of a California Oak Tree prevalent throughout the diocese, and this also represents the name of the diocese, "Oakland."

The star is the light of Christ followed by the wise men, a significant sign for The Cathedral of Christ the Light which enjoys its festival celebration on the Feast of the Epiphany. The tools – a hammer and carpenter square – are for St. Joseph the carpenter and the first parish in the Diocese, Mission San Jose founded in 1797.