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Papal Blessings

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Papal Blessings


Papal Charities office, parchments

The gift of an Apostolic Blessing, written on parchment and sent from Rome, is a traditional means of marking milestone events such as ordination or wedding anniversaries, baptisms and significant birthdays.  According to the vatican website:

The Office of Papal Charities is the department of the Holy See charged with exercising charity to the poor in the name of the Holy Father.  Pope Leo XIII, as a means of helping to fund the charitable works carried out by the Office, delegated the Almoner to grant the Apostolic Blessing by parchment certificate.

The proceeds accruing to the Office of Papal Charities from the preparation of papal blessing parchments are applied entirely to the works of charity which this Office carries out on behalf of the needy who appeal to the Successor of Peter.  Please note that costs associated with the issue of the Papal Blessing are incurred only by reason of the parchment itself, the preparation costs, postage and a contribution to the Pope’s charitable works.1

Because of recent changes at the Office of Papal Charities at the Vatican, all Papal Blessing parchments are being handled directly by their offices.

In addition, the 'letter of approval' may now come from the requestor's pastor and not the diocesan bishop.  Requests for a 'letter from the bishop' for these purposes will be forwarded to the requestor's pastor.  Therefore, all requests for Papal Blessing parchments are handled directly by the requestor. 

Please click here to reach the Vatican Papal Charities office website.


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