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SPM Registration

SPM Registration

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SPM Registration


  • Photo (Please upload your photo in the online registration or e-mail it to smartinez@oakdiocese.org after you have finished the online application.)
  • Recommendations (Download and Print)

Your application must include one personal recommendation and one recommendation from a person in a leadership position in your parish or diocesan agency who would be able to comment about your potential for ministry (e.g. your pastor, another priest, a member of the parish staff, parish council members, director of religious education, school principal, etc.)

  • Letters of Acceptance will be sent by the Coordinator of the Saint Francis de Sales School for Pastoral Ministry before the first class date in January.

If you have any questions or are unable to fill out the form online and would like assistance please contact Sandra Martinez at 510-267-8371.


Payment Terms and Agreement

The Diocese of Oakland School for Pastoral Ministry offers three tuition payment options. First year students please add $25 for your initial application fee.

Please select the plan you prefer by marking the appropriate box and signing your name in the space provided.  The options listed below are based upon the following fee structure:

Total Annual Cost (excluding books):  $450.00

This fee schedule is the fixed cost for the entire year’s enrollment. Missing a class does not affect the price.  In order to insure promotion to the next year or graduation from the program, all tuition must be paid in full.


One (1) single payment, due now, of the full tuition amount.
First, Second or Third Year Student
$ 450.00

Four (4) equal payments, due every three months (January, April, July, October)
First, Second or Third Year Student
$ 112.50

Eleven (11) monthly payments
First, Second or Third Year Student
$ 75 (Initial payment), then $37.50 /mo. starting in January



All payments are to be made to the Diocese of Oakland through paypal or credit card.

If you withdraw from the program up to sixty days after class begins, your are eligible to receive a refund of any fees paid, minus a $25 processing fee and all associated credit card transaction fees. Please inform the coordinator of the program of any difficulty in meeting the required payments and make the necessary arrangements to remedy the situation.

If you have any financial concerns about the tuition or the payment options, please do not hesitate to contact Sandra Martinez, smartinez@oakdiocese.org or 510-267-8371.