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RV Participants

RV Participants

Comments by Past Participants of the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat Weekend

"Rachel’s Vineyard was just what I needed. I was terrified to go, but the facilitators were good at helping me talk about it. The prayer and music all helped me deal with feelings I’d run from for years." – Zoe

"My therapist saw I was stuck in dealing with my abortion. She could tell my issues were spiritual, so she suggested the retreat. Thank God – it was a real breakthrough for me." – Tina

"When I read the program materials, I just broke down crying, so obviously it hit something in me.” – Juan

"I couldn’t believe when I saw the ad. . . You wonder if you’ll be judged, but instead I found compassion." – Monique

"The unconditional love I felt at this retreat and the dedicated service of the staff made me to feel safe enough to explore the depths of pain buried deep inside for many years from the abortion experience. Having released much of this pain and these emotions, I feel more connected to myself, God, and others." - Julia

"Everything I saw for dealing with abortion was directed at women. Then I found out about the retreat. I wondered how I’d feel as a guy there. But I went and felt welcome. It helped me see my role in my girlfriend’s abortion, and accept forgiveness for the huge part I played in it." - Marc

"I feel more at peace with myself and in my relationship with my boyfriend. Thanks for suggesting that I share the memorial service with him." - Kate

"Realizing I’d been a mother was a sort of epiphany for me. I’d been terrified to have other kids, and that fear’s not there any more." - Anna

"We’d waited 29 years to grieve the loss of those two babies, and it was eating away at our marriage. We’re so grateful there was a place for us to come as a couple." - Barry

“I have truly experienced God’s healing touch on my heart.” - Laura

"I’ve definitely found a renewed sense of my faith… something I’ve been searching for." – Theresa

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Coordinator, Office for Life and Justice

Coordinator, Rachel's Vineyard Retreat 

Coordinator, CRS/CCHD 

Meg Bowerman
Coordinator, JustFaith Ministries - Volunteer

Patrick Shandonay
Coordinator, CRS Ethical Trade Ministry - Volunteer

Coordinator, Detention Ministry 

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