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 Learn about Restorative Justice and Detention Ministry

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Ministry collaborates with Catholic Charities of the East Bay, community organizations, and volunteers to provide pastoral care for offenders, victims and families of both. We employ education and outreach to effect changes in public policy and to transform the criminal justice system.

Restore Justice

Restorative justice is a simple, practical approach to criminal justice that is rooted in our faith as Christians and Catholics. Here are resources, news, best practices and opportunities for action drawn from Catholic dioceses and partnering community organizations across the state of California.

USCCB Criminal Justice - Restorative Justice

U.S. Bishops call for reform of the criminal justice system to promote the common good, help restore a sense of community, promote rehabilitation and resist the violence that too often engulfs much of our culture.

Kairos of California | Changing Hearts, Transforming Lives, Impacting the World

Kairos of California is Kairos's state-level organization overseeing the many individual Kairos Prison Ministries here in California. The Kairos Inside programs are in 17 state correctional institutions and California-based federal prisons. 

 Intercessory Prayers

For peace and reconciliation in our troubled neighborhoods, our divided society, between peoples and nations at war, we pray.
R/ Lord, hear our prayer.

For our families, that they may find comfort and strength in the Lord and one another, we pray.
R/ Lord, hear our prayer.

For those whom we have offended by our words, our actions or neglect, that they find the courage to overcome their hurt, we pray.
R/ Lord, hear our prayer. 

For all those being accused, that they may be granted a fair trial, we pray.
R/ Lord, hear our prayer. 

For fellow prisoners everywhere, that they may be treated with fairness and dignity, we pray.
R/ Lord, hear our prayer. 

For the jail personnel, nurses, chaplains and volunteers and those who care for the inmates, we pray.
R/ Lord, hear our prayer. 

For those being released soon, that they may persist in their path of righteousness and true freedom with the support of family and friends, we pray.
R/ Lord, hear our prayer.

Contact Information

Coordinator, Office for Life and Justice

Coordinator, Rachel's Vineyard Retreat 

Coordinator, CRS/CCHD 

Meg Bowerman
Coordinator, JustFaith Ministries - Volunteer

Patrick Shandonay
Coordinator, CRS Ethical Trade Ministry - Volunteer

Coordinator, Detention Ministry 

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