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Natural Family Planning (NFP)

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Natural Family Planning (NFP)

Natural methods of family planning are completely natural - they do not use any chemical, drug, or device. They rely on the natural signs and symptoms within a woman to identify the times of fertility and infertility. Scientific studies show that modern methods of Natural Family Planning (NFP) are equally effective for regulating births as any methodology currently available.

Couples who have used NFP have found that it is not only reliable in avoiding pregnancy but it is also very successful for couples seeking pregnancy. The success rate of couples using NFP to conceive is up to four times as high as those using IVF (over 80% of couples with fertility difficulties are helped with NFP).

NFP improves communication between the husband and wife.  Couples that use NFP testify that it encourages Christian marriage as an intimate partnership of life and love, a sacrament of mutual decision making and shared responsibility. This is probably why, based on available studies, NFP-using couples have an extremely low divorce rate (around 2%).

This website contains more information on different types of NFP,  a list of local teachers,  a more detailed list of some of the benefits of NFP, a fact sheet, and a list of further resources.

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