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Did You Know... ?

Did You Know... ?

Natural Family Planning:

  • Is based on up-to-date science (cutting-edge physiology and endocrinology)
  • Is completely individualized for every couple – because every woman is unique
  • Is completely natural
    • Does not require surgery
    • Does not require hormones
    • Does not pollute the water system
  • Enhances communication between couples
  • Is virtually free (after the initial training)
  • Is not to be confused with the ‘Rhythm Method’ (that was abandoned in the 1950’s)
  • Is equally reliable as the ‘best’ contraception for regulating fertility
  • Has been shown to
    • enhance marital satisfaction
    • be associated with ultra-low divorce rates (one CA study of 1100 couples had 15 divorces in 23 years – less than 2%)
  • Can help with early diagnosis of up to 30% of common health problems in women
  • Can be used to achieve pregnancy as well as avoid it
    • At a fraction of the cost of in-vitro fertilization (IVF)
    • Treats the underlying health issues - which IVF does not
    • Does not require powerful drugs - IVF does
    • Has been shown to be 2-4 times as effective as IVF
  • Is morally approved by the Catholic Church as a means of fertility regulation
  • There are NFP Apps, evaluated for effectiveness



Natural Family Planning is not a ‘product’ – so it is not ‘marketed’ (by the pharmaceutical / medical industry)

Natural Family Planning works with the body’s natural rhythms, and increases respect for the couple’s fertility as God designed it