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Marriage Preparation

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Marriage Preparation

mp-img2.jpegDear Engaged Couple,

The links under Marriage Preparation in the left blue navigation bar  provide the dates and short descriptions of our various options  for marriage preparation in the Diocese of Oakland. Although each program has a different format, all preparation includes similar content addressing those facets essential to a Christian marriage:

  • Developing communication skills
  • Permanence of your marriage commitment
  • Dealing with expectations
  • Family of origin
  • Becoming a family in the modern world
  • Sex in marriage - the Divine gift
  • Presence of God in your marriage
  • Enrichment opportunities

Every engaged couple has concerns for the future. You also have goals, promises, and dreams you wish to attain. The priests, deacons, and other individuals in your Church want to help you prepare well to meet those goals, keep those promises, and live out your dreams well-equipped to face the pressures placed on married couples today.

There's a lot of effort that goes into planning the wedding day. We believe though that your effort in preparing for THE MARRIAGE---in your parish, with your deacon/priest, and with our program--is essential to insuring your marriage lasts 'till death do you part.' That and the help you receive from the Church and the grace of the Sacrament.

Please give priority to this important preparation by completing our program at the latest three months prior to your wedding date. That way it does not become a last-minute exercise or a requirement you are unable to complete.

We pray for God's blessings in your marriage, as you plan for your future together and hope that we can serve you effectively to make that future fulfilling...before the wedding day and AFTER!


Mimi Streett, Coordinator
Office of Marriage and Family Life
Department of Faith Formation & Evangelization

2019 MARRIAGE PREP Brochure

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