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Marriage Difficulties Resources

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Marriage Difficulties Resources

Marriage difficultiesEvery marriage goes through difficulties, sometimes so painful they threaten to destroy the marriage.  The Diocese of Oakland does not offer counseling, but is committed to helping couples in difficulty to find the help they need to heal and repair the damage to their marriages.  Here are some resources which have helped others.

Retrouvaille for couples, by couples.

Weekend format run by couples who have successfully overcome tremendous challenges to their own marriages.  Many couples in this weekend are at the point of divorce – this will help them with tools to deal with their difficulties and rebuild damaged trust.

Visit their site to learn about Upcoming weekends (CA)  or view 2014 brochure.

The Alexander House

Catholic marriage ministry – This couple nearly divorced when they had been married 10 years. Their healed marriage is now stronger than ever; and in gratitude to God, they have quit their jobs and devoted their lives to marriage ministry.

They have personally coached over 1500 couples with incredible results.  Nearly all the couples now have vibrant, joy-filled marriages. The Alexanders are launching a new program--"Marriage Disciples"--a couple-to-couple mentoring service for couples preparing, enriching or restoring their marriage.

Institute for Marital Healing

The mission of the Institute for Marital Healing is to strengthen Catholic marriages and families by educating spouses, marital therapists and clergy about common causes of conflicts in marital self-giving and effective approaches to alleviating such conflicts. Through a combination of online resources, educational programs and publications, the Institute employs a time-tested approach to marital therapy that recognizes the importance of both science and faith in the process of marital healing.

The counselors demonstrate a sensitivity to the Catholic faith of couples and show how their faith can assist them in the strengthening of their marriages.

The Third Option

The Third Option is an on-going group program to build better marriages. It is designed for all married couples and can be used both as marriage enrichment or crisis intervention. For hurting couples, who see only two options (painful endurance or divorce) the third option means reconciliation. For ordinary couples, the program teaches them the skills they need to have happier, healthier marriages.

When couples are struggling they will say they have "tried everything" but what they usually mean is they have tried the same two extreme options over and over, never finding what works. (Example: they have stuffed their anger, or they have attacked with it. Neither will give them the marriages they want.) The THIRD OPTION is the middle healthy ground.

The Third Option combines skill-building workshops with sharing from mentor couples and a support group component. The atmosphere is warm and caring.


Movie about healing a broken marriage. Many couples have found it helps resolve issues in their own marriages.

The Harm of Pornography

The viewing of pornography is highly damaging to a marriage.  It decreases the ability of husband and wife to love each other, and to form an intimate bond.  There are an increasing number of places to find help for those who watch pornography and wish to stop.  Here are some of the better ones:


Article – “The Secret Epidemic”

http://reclaimsexualhealth.com/ Catholic help for sex addiction

http://www.pornographyharms.com/ Research, articles on porn

http://xxxchurch.com/ Christian site


Other marriage resources