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Adult Confirmation Day

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Adult Confirmation Day

Dear Adult Confirmation Coordinators,

 The following are a few reminders in preparation for Adult Confirmation on Saturday, February 2nd or February 16th at the Cathedral of Christ the Light:



  • Please Arrive one hour prior for instructions and registration. Check in will begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Hall of Honors. The Hall of Honors is on the lower level of the cathedral, next to the conference center.  Please be prepared to review the information you submitted for your confirmandi.  Final instructions will take place in the Cathedral at 9:30 a.m., please be ready and seated in the cathedral.


  • Reserved seating will be provided for each confirmandi and one sponsor.  All others, including the parish representatives and/or catechists, are to sit in the general seating area.
  • Seating will not be assigned within the reserved seating area.
  • Coordinators please seat your Spanish and English speaking confirmadi’s separate so that they go up in groups by language.



  • Please take a moment to read the guidelines which came as a separate attachment.

The necessary responses and dress code are covered here, as well as guidelines for photography.  Please review this with confirmandi and sponsors.



  • Each parish is responsible for providing nametags for your confirmandi.  
  • The only info that should be contained in the name tag is the first name. It should be written in large bold letters in a legible fashion.
  • The name may be the confirmandi’s baptismal name OR their saint’s name. This will be the name that the bishop reads at the moment of the Confirmation.
  • Abbreviated names are not appropriate (example use Robert instead of Bob)
  • If possible please use these the following colors to indicate the language of the confirmandi and the language anointing should be performed in. This will be very helpful for the Bishop. Black for English and Blue for Spanish.



    Parking is available on the streets for free. The Cathedral Garage is also an option, priority access will be given to Clergy, volunteers and staff. Parkers will pay $5.00/car parking is also available at The Kaiser Garage for $5.00/car.




  • The bishop will be available for pictures afterwards. 
  • Taking photos and videos must not distract from the liturgical action – no photos in the aisles, no flash photography, nor moving around the church, or standing on the pews.
  • Please use your best judgment and respectfulness when taking pictures during the Mass.
  • The Bishop will be available after the Mass for one group picture with each Parish. Please follow instructions from the users.


Dress Code

  • Dress should always be appropriate when we are in church. We are in the presence of God and in his house. A dress code should apply to all candidates, sponsors, and liturgical ministers (lectors, servers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion). They should wear proper attire similar to clothing for other important life events.
  • You are NOT expected to go out and purchase/rent clothes for your Confirmation. Please use your best judgment and wear the most appropriate clothes that you already own. Please dress for Church, and not for a night club.
  • Please note: The wearing of stoles is reserved for the clergy: bishops, priests, and deacons. The practice of Confirmandi wearing “confirmation stoles” is inappropriate and therefore discouraged.
  • MALES: Dress shirt hems should be tucked in, not hanging out. T-shirts, hoodies, and shirts with large logos, advertisements or inappropriate slogans should be avoided. Please do not wear saggy pants: pants should come to your waist and over your hips. Denim (jeans) should be avoided. Formal ethnic or cultural vesture is also appropriate. Please refrain from wearing flip flops, sandals or tennis shoes.
  • FEMALES: The knees and shoulders should be covered. Tops must completely cover the stomach. T-shirts, hoodies, and shirts with large logos, advertisements or inappropriate slogans should be avoided. Denim (jeans) should be avoided. Formal ethnic or cultural vesture is also appropriate. Please wear dress shoes that allow you to walk around safely and comfortably. Please refrain from wearing flip flops, sandals or tennis shoes.



  • These responses occur at the time of anointing, during the Rite of Confirmation.


  • Please make sure the Candidates have memorized and have rehearsed the response. A good way to do that is to talk about them not only at the end of the Catechetical preparation but several times during the process.

  • During the Renewal of Baptismal Promises, the Bishop or Priest will ask you a series of questions regarding your faith. You respond: "I do". At the end of these questions, after the Bishop/Priest says “…in Christ Jesus our Lord”, you respond: “Amen”.


  • The answers in Spanish are a little bit different. If the celebration will be in Spanish, please make sure the Candidates understand them clearly and are able to respond in Spanish.


  • During the anointing, while tracing a cross on your forehead with the Sacred Chrism, the Bishop/Priest, will say "(Your confirmation or baptismal name), be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit". You respond: "Amen". The Bishop/Priest will then say "Peace be with you", and you respond: "And with your spirit."


  • The candidates should also know all the responses for the different parts of the Mass.


Thank you again for your cooperation and preparation to make this a beautiful celebration. You are a gift to the diocese!

Yours in Christ,

Lizette Suarez
RCIA Liturgy Coordinator and Administrator
Diocese of Oakland