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Basic Certification and Renewal

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Basic Certification and Renewal

How to Become a Certified Catechist

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Basic Catechist Certification is a learning process designed to help you gain basic knowledge and skills to communicate effectively the basic Catholic Christian message. The Bishops of California have established criteria to promote and standardize the competence of catechetical programs.


In the Diocese of Oakland, certification is granted after:

  • Successful completion of the Serra Catechetical Institute, or other certification course taught by a Master Catechist and approved by the diocese (60 hours);
  • One year of catechetical experience;
  • An observation and evaluation of the catechist in a catechetical session.


Basic Catechist Certification Guidelines


Basic Catechist Renewal Form

In order to renew a CATECHIST must complete a total of 30 hours of ongoing formation. Application for renewal must be made within one year of the certificate's expiration date.


Basic Catechist Renewal Worksheet - NEW in 2017

Download and fill out excel worksheet

    For More Information:

    Please refer to our guidelines (above), and our Recommended Resources.