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Ethnic Pastoral Mission Statement

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Ethnic Pastoral Mission Statement

Approaching the 21st Century, the Ethnic Pastoral Centers sense the Spirit of God unfolding a place for us in our Diocese of Oakland. Our experience has been one filled with hope and struggle. We have come to realize that we have entered a grace moment- a time to speak to our reality in this Diocese of Oakland.

As Catholic Chriethnicpaslogo.gifstians we have been called and sent:

  • To proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to love one another
  • To build the reign of God in our midst.
  • To be evangelizers who walk with our people on their journey of Faith.
  • To be a voice for our people who speak our own Truth.
  • To share with our Church the unique gifts of our Faith expressions.
  • To help create a multicultural Church community, marked by renewal of family life and a spirit of celebration.
  • To be a welcoming Church to all peoples especially the most marginated.
  • To empower our people to seek responses to challenges that confront our communities.

Like the apostolic communities, we seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit so that all can say of us: "See how they love one another."