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Joe Reid, Volunteer Chair of Diocesan School Board Finance Committee

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Joe Reid, Volunteer Chair of Diocesan School Board Finance Committee

Let us introduce you to Joe Reid, one of the many volunteers who support our diocesan Catholic elementary schools.

Joe chairs the Diocesan School Board Finance Committee that recommends fiscal policy and monitors the financial health and, virtually, all financial matters of the Department of Catholic Schools (CSDO), a 44-elementary-school, $75 million, 12,000-student “system” with an administrative staff of seven.  Volunteers with professional expertise assist the diocesan administration in critical ways.  We asked Joe what motivates his generous sharing of time and talent.

I come from a Catholic family.  I grew up understanding the need to support church ministries like CYO by volunteering.  I have a profound respect for the teachings of the Catholic Church.  My wife, Denise, and I are both products of Catholic schools and chose to have our children educated in our schools.  I have a sister (and more than a few relatives) who are/were teachers-so supporting education is second nature to me.

What is most rewarding about my work with the schools?

*The smile (or is it the look of relief?) on the face of a principal who knows that he or she can confide in me about fiscal challenges and understands that I am making suggestions on how things might improve.
*When others join in our CSDO efforts……St. Jarlath started a cross country team without uniforms.  Friends of mine, the Alamo Crazies, sponsored the cross country uniforms and (later) science teaching kits for the school. 
*Every chance I get to be in the schools--- meeting our students, teachers, school parents and getting the sense that our religion’s “best practice” ministry is prospering.

Chevron has sent me all over the world.  The respect for every individual is one of the teachings of the Catholic Church that I took with me to 5 continents.  My “elevator speech” in support of Catholic schools is that Catholic schools produce “children who care” and “respect people no matter race, socio-economic status, gender, creed...”  Along with academic rigor and Catholic values, our schools embrace diversity which will help our graduates prosper in a 21st century global community and make the world a better place.

To Joe and to all the awesome volunteers - and their families - who tirelessly support our schools, we say THANK YOU!


Joe Reid with childJoe Reid wedding