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Personnel Policy Table of Contents

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Personnel Policy Table of Contents

January 2014

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Bishop Michael Barber's Letter and Mission Statement

I. Employment Policies

Human Resources Welcome

Statement of Management Rights and Responsibilities
Statement of Employees’ Rights and Responsibilities
Equal Employment Opportunity
Diversity Policy

II. Conditions of Employment

Selection of Staff
Employment of Relatives

Children and Family Members in the Workplace
Probationary Period/Disciplinary Probation
Employment Status Categories
Exempt and Non-Exempt Status
Personnel Records & Files
Public Statements
Smoking Policy
Unlawful Harassment
Code of Conduct Involving Interactions with Minors

Procedures to Report Concerns
Code of Conduct/Workplace Concerns

Weapons Policy

Speech and Attire

Job Descriptions
Work Schedule
Business Interruptions
Performance Appraisal
Injury on the Job
Compensation Policy
Time Sheets
Overtime for Non-Exempt Employees
Expense Reimbursement
Out of Area Travel

Office Voicemail, E-Mail and Internet Systems
Social Media Policy

III. Authorized Leaves of Absence

Holiday Policy (Chancery / Parishes)

Holiday List 2019- Chancery
Holiday List 2019- Parishes
Vacations - 40 hr. workweek (Parishes only)
Vacations - 37.5 hr. workweek (Chancery and/or Parishes)
Attendance & Notification of Absence

Time Sheets & Records of Paid Time Off
Sick Leave
Jury Duty Leave/Voting Time Off

Lactation Policy
Family Care and Medical Leave
Partial Paid Family Leave
Pregnancy-Related Leave
Work-Related Disability Leave
Personal Leave

Bereavement Leave
Other Unpaid Leaves
Administrative Leave

IV. Staff Development/Continuing Education

V. Termination of Employment

VI. Other Policies and Procedures

Policy on References
Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration
Sabbatical Policy for Chancery
Religious and Clergy
Revision of Personnel Policies


Appendix A: Benefits for Full-Time Employees
Appendix B: Lay Employee's Retirement Plan
Appendix C: Dispute Resolution Process

Appendix D: Forms Table of Contents
Appendix D: Appropriate Forms
Appendix D2: W-4 Form
Appendix D3: I-9 Form
Appendix D15: Application

Appendix D16: DFEH 185

Appendix D19: Paid Family Leave

Appendix D33: Diocesan Employee Cemetery Benefit

Appendix D35: Request for Alternative Work Week

Appendix E: Job Classification System and Salary Scales for Lay Parish Employees