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Submission Guidelines for Job Openings

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Submission Guidelines for Job Openings

In an attempt to streamline the process of submitting job opening items for the diocesan website or the Job Openings weekly diocesan publication, as well as standardize the formatting, we ask that you please follow the guidelines outlined below.

For items to be submitted for publication on the diocesan website and in the Job Openings weekly diocesan publication:

All Job Opening items must go to Gloria Espinoza at gespinoza@oakdiocese.org for approval before they can be published. Please allow adequate time for this approval process.

Announcements in Job Openings are posted for 2 weeks and announcements on the website are posted for one month.

Please use the template below when requesting that a job opening be posted. For samples, please refer to items as they appear in the Job Openings publication.  All submissions need to be copy ready and submitted in the correct format.

Please left justify, format in single space, and use Times New Roman in point size 12.

Site Name, City  – Position (Please use bold, italics, and underline.)
The body of item contains a description of position.  This should be no more than 3-4 sentences.

Salary information:  [Range/Level]

Position begins: [Date]

Contact:  [Name of contact and address / phone / fax / email]

We will not be able to post announcements not in this format.  Using this format allows for uniformity and clarity as well as dealing with concerns of space.

Thank you for your help and cooperation in keeping this process of communication as streamlined as possible.