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Why the Priesthood?

Jesus called the apostles by name to learn from him and to carry on his ministry. He gave them extraordinary powers to baptize, to preach his gospel, to forgive sins, to feed his people with his own body and blood; to serve and not to be served. From the birth of the Catholic Church at Pentecost until today men have responded to Jesus’ call to serve as his ministers of Word and Sacrament. He will continue to do so until he returns in glory at the end of time.

Is Jesus Calling You?

Every Catholic man ought to prayerfully consider if Jesus may be calling him to the priesthood. Often those who are called say that the thought of the priesthood entered their mind and wouldn’t go away. They find that time at Mass brings deep peace and joy. Gradually they sense that Jesus may be inviting them in a very personal way to investigate the possibility of the priesthood.

What Qualities Are Needed To Be a Priest?

A priesthood candidate firstly needs to have a personal relationship with Jesus. He is a man of prayer and fidelity to the Catholic Church. He is energized by the Church’s ministry and seeks to make his particular gifts and talents available at the service of the Church. He should be disciplined and responsible, of at least average intelligence and mature.

What About Celibacy?

Jesus himself was celibate and gave himself completely to his Father’s will. Priests in the Roman Rite do not marry. They give their time, energy, love and commitment to those that they serve. Celibacy is not for everyone, but for those who are called to the priesthood it is a way to live and love in the world after the example of Jesus himself, and is not a burden.

FAQs About the Priesthood

Next Steps:

If you think you may be called to the priesthood, . I will be happy to meet with you to discuss it.

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